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Communities around the world are dealing with the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19.

Our heart goes out to all those who have been affected by the current pandemic.



The health, welfare, and safety of our members and users are paramount to us during this moment. For this reason, we have created new programs and implemented extensive procedures based on the guidance provided to us by CDC, WHO, and Florida Department of Health.


Self Cleaning Handlebars

Our scooters now come installed with Self-Cleaning handlebars using NanoSeptic technology. NanoSeptic surfaces utilize mineral nano-crystals that reacts to sunlight, continuously oxidizing organic contaminants for up to 60 days.




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Asset 4@10x.png
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Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

Our scooters are carefully sanitized daily utilizing products and procedures recommended by CDC. We have also increased the frequency in which our scooters are completely cleansed.




Protecting Our Team and Users

We are providing and requiring our members to wear masks and gloves while handling our Newts. We also encourage everyone at Newt to frequently wash their hands, utilize hand sanitizer, and comply with social distancing procedures.




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Following Recommendations

We follow on a daily basis the recommendations provided by CDC, WHO, and the Florida Department of Health, making sure to update our policies and operations as we learn more about COVID-19.




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Small businesses have been some of the hardest impacted by the pandemic.


For that, Newt will be working closely with local businesses and restaurants by not only promoting them in our app, but offering ways for them to adapt to the current situation by offering local delivery utilizing our scooters.




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